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The company

Sirea was founded in Montecchio, Reggio Emilia, in 1984 by a group of young businesspeople with a common passion for liquorice. Over time the company has come to specialise in sales through the impulse channel and has added an ever larger assortment of products designed for this channel to its original liquorice range. In 2002 Sirea acquired Orzocrem, the leading producer of barley espresso capsules for cafés, making it a main player in the HO.RE.CA trade channel. 2003 saw the acquisition by Coind, the Emilia-Romagna-based group specialising in the production of private-label coffee, fruit juices and other food products, with sales in excess of EUR 200 million.

Coind boosted the development of Sirea’s business activities in the Horeca channel, in particular by enhancing its role as a food broker specialising in the “away-from-home” segment.

From 2007 to 2008 Sirea produced Chiquita-brand fruit juices and placed them on the market in Europe; from 2009 it was the official distributor through the Horeca channel and marketing partner for Del Monte fruit juices.

Our story

The beginnings

Sirea was set up in 1984 as a liquorice manufacturer in Montecchio Emilia thanks to the efforts of four young businesspeople with a common passion for that product. Thanks to this passion, soon the company’s products were being placed on the market abroad.

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The philosophy that makes our liquorice unique

Constant careQuality

Continuous quality checks to ensure that the product that finds its way onto the market complies with all of the applicable regulations.

Attractive packagingImage

Special attention to image, packaging quality and graphics in order to achieve really excellent presentation.

New formatsInnovation

Product innovation and the ability to manufacture ground-breaking formats, using anything from the commonest to the most unusual shapes.

Market awarenessResearch

Constantly on the lookout for new consumer segments and new uses for the pure liquorice product.


Today’s health-conscious consumers expect and recognise the beneficial properties of liquorice, seeing it as natural product. They are therefore aware of the various ways in which liquorice is used to achieve its beneficial effects (teas, infusions, decoctions) and increasingly use it as a cooking ingredient.
Liquorice is seen as a healthy alternative to other confectionary.

"We make every effort to represent a guarantee of QUALITY for our clients."

This is because Sirea focusses first and foremost on the client, before engaging in any type of strategy that might affect its products, devoting special attention to new consumer trends, new competitor proposals and above all market studies.

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Our products


Tailored recipes

Thanks to our long history of liquorice manufacturing we are able to produce a vast range of types, shapes and recipes to suit all customer requests. 

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