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Sirea was founded in 1984 as a company specialising in the production of liquorice. The greatest care and attention are taken right through the production cycle: quality control of the raw materials, processing at the Sirea manufacturing plant and production of the various formats before packaging.

Sirea’s long experience in liquorice production allows the company to create many liquorice types, varieties and recipes. Indeed, one of the company’s defining characteristics is its ability to create tailored recipes and shapes based on client requests for bulk products.

Sirea is one of the few liquorice manufacturers capable of producing various shapes and sizes of liquorice, with the ability to generate additional ranges based on client requests. Currently Sirea offers an excellent range of liquorice presented in many different formats: from timeless classics to more sophisticated forms, exclusively created by Sirea.

And every format is available in many different flavours:

copacking prodotto 16

Classic Tronchetto

(pure, mint, citrus fruits and aniseed)

copacking prodotto 06


(pure and mint)

copacking prodotto 08

Ginseng-flavoured liquorice mini-disc

copacking prodotto 10



copacking prodotto 12



copacking prodotto 16


(pure, mint, aniseed, vanilla, violet, eucalyptus)

copacking prodotto 03

Liquorice and cachou Mini-Tronchetto

(pure, mint, aniseed, vanilla, violet, eucalyptus Maxi-Tronchetto)

copacking prodotto 18


copacking prodotto 19

Tosca mini-disc

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